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Nirvana Elegant Plus Nirvana Funeral Service Packages (FSP)  Services Nirvana Elegant Plus Nirvana Funeral Service Packages (FSP)  Services

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For Buddhist / Taoist Funeral Service Package :

Original Price Pre Need Promotion
RM 35,800 RM 28,800

  1. NV Elegant Package
    An enhanced comprehensive and luxurious package for a complete and dignified celebration of life.

  2. Luxurious Hearse (Full Upgrade)
    The Guardian is a one-of-a-kind hearse that conveys style and nobility for bearing the departed in an unforgettable final journey and farewell.

  3. Golden Harvest Reward
    An absolutely free gift reward plan with the potential of earning a reward of up to 4 times the original price of your purchased product

  4. Additional Benefits
    Enjoy additional benefits to your Nirvana Life Plan at absolutely no extra cost.

What is Golden Harvest Reward?

A treasure that grows on trees, the durian is known as the king of fruits in Malaysia. Among them, the Musang King is the king of kings. In conjunction with our 30th anniversary, Nirvana Asia Group presents the “Golden Harvest Reward” to reward our loyal customers. The reward period is 30 years and is a free gift hence is 100% risk free, with a maximum reward of up to four times the original product purchase price.

Services We Provided

  • Consultation
  • Embalming Handling & Encoffinment Service
  • Preparation of Memorial Ceremony
  • Coordination of Funeral Service & Memorial Ceremony
  • Funeral Procession Service
  • Additional Products & Service

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